The Tango

The Tango

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*Made to order - ships in 2-3 weeks*

The Tango is our single-kick (Waltz-inspired) freestyle shape, designed to be a familiar and versatile board for freestyle-focused skating.


  • STABILITY A mellow concave and kicktail provide a stable, reliable surface for technical freestyle footwork.
  • VERSATILITY Measuring up at 7.6" wide and 29" long, the Tango allows for a pleasant balance of the maneuverability of a small board and the dependability of a larger board.
  • FUNCTIONALITY This asymmetrical shape is designed to support a variety of technical freestyle moves - railflips, caspers, truck transfers, footwork - and to help maximize your creative freedom.

Our boards typically last up to twice as long as typical boards. We hand-select each veneer, hand-roll glue, and use sustainably-sourced hard maple veneer. Boards are made in San Diego, CA.

Quantity discounts available - add two to your cart for 14% off, or contact us for larger quantities.

SK8CAD recipe:

Width: 7.6"
Wheelbase: 13.25"
Nose Length: 5.5"
Tail Length: 6"
Nose Taper Point: 6.75"
Tail Taper Point: 8"
Tail Kick Gap: 1"
Nose Cutout Depth: 11.5"
Nose Cutout Width: 2.75"
Nose Width: 3.25"
Tail Cutout Depth: 12.75"
Tail Cutout Width: 2.75"
Tail Width: 3.5"
Mold #13 (X-45-0A12-09)