Open Source Skateboards provides consulting, performance tuning, and custom design/build services.

Capabilities include:

Custom CAD modeling. We work with manufacturers, brands, and individual skaters to provide engineering design services for highly custom boards, molds, and other products and tools.
3-axis CNC machining (wood & plastics). We have the capabilities to build projects in-house, allowing for quick turnaround times. For example, our foam and wood molds are made on the CNC router.
3D printing (FDM). 3D printing allows for the production of unique designs, rapid prototyping, and minimal waste. For example, our fingerboard molds are 3D printed. Also, we created and produce the Waltz Skid Plate Aligners using 3D printing.
Laser cutting & engraving. We can provide custom laser-engraved artwork on boards. Please get in touch with your artwork if you are interested. Laser cutting is also a valuable tool kept on hand for rapid fabrication. For example, our wheelbase templates are cut and engraved on the laser.
Consulting. We provide consulting services to assist brands and organizations from design and production to STEAM education/programming.
Software development. Our software development capabilities allow us to prototype with digital technologies quickly. For example, SK8CAD and its deployments (such as at Roarockit and Flywood) were completed in-house.
Education/Training. We've run skateboard building workshops at our host venue and on-site, along with educator trainings for incorporating STEAM education with board building. Organizations we've worked with include University of California San Diego (UCSD), Rollin' from the Heart, A Reason to Survive, La Jolla Country Day School, and more.
Performance Tuning: To optimize skaters' performance, we work with individuals and brands to customize, prototype, and build their personalized board designs.

Reach out for a quote for your project.