The following list contains resources around skateboard design, fabrication, and riding. Enjoy!


SK8CAD is a skateboard, longboard, fingerboard (etc.) design platform. You can design custom boards and download the files needed to make them.



How to Make Skateboards with SK8CAD

This YouTube playlist contains videos around utilizing SK8CAD to design and build custom skateboards.



Board Specification Tutorials

The videos in this YouTube playlist cover the different specifications that define the shape of skateboards and longboards, and how those specs affect how a board feels and rides.



YouTube Channel

The Open Source Skateboards YouTube channel has many videos around skateboard building and riding. Browse the channel videos to find




The SK8CAD Discord server is a place to connect with other board builders using SK8CAD. Get advice, share your work, and see what makers are talking about.


3d printed skateboard molds from sk8cda


Board Price Calculator

The Board Price Calculator is an interactive calculator you can use to estimate how much to sell the boards you make for. It takes about 5 minutes to fill out.


7 ply eucalyptus skateboard decks


Maker Map

The Maker Map is a global director of board builders of any scale. Browser the map to find a local builder, find an OEM supplier, or just see what builders are up to around the world. You may add yourself or your business by registering at


sk8cad maker map - map of global board builders



Have questions around board building, SK8CAD, or Open Source Skateboards? Check out the FAQ:


skateboard decks stacked



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sk8cad skateboard molds



Legacy Resources:

SK8CAD for Fusion 360 - .f3d download (sponsored by Grandma Skateboards in 2021)

Skateboard Building Curriculum - PDF of how to run a skateboard building program

Forum - discuss board design and building

Concave Converter - calculate concave drop based on concave radius and vice versa (for radial concaves)

Hand-shaped Mold Concave Calculator - calculate concave drop when shaping molds (for radial concaves, see curriculum for reference)

Radius Gauges - file download (DXF and PDF) of radius gauges to measure board curvature

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