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*Made to order - ships in 1-2 weeks*

Designed by professional freestyle skateboarder Sean Burke, this small 7-ply deck is a powerhouse. Sean is a master of truck transfers.

*This board may self destruct if it catches you touching your foot on the ground in a casper and calling it a make.*

Our boards typically last up to twice as long as typical boards. We hand-select each veneer, hand-roll glue, and use sustainably-sourced hard maple veneer. Boards are made in San Diego, CA.

Quantity discounts available - please contact us if interested.

SK8CAD recipe:

Width: 7.25"
Wheelbase: 12"
Nose Length: 4.75"
Tail Length: 6.125"
Nose Taper Point: 6"
Tail Taper Point: 6.75"
Nose Shape: 76
Tail Shape: 79
Mold #25: (12-22-10A20-06)