Skateboard Design: Width

Note: at the time of this article, there is not a clear industry standard for skateboard dimensions. This article presents the “SK8CAD” Standard; please note that other manufacturers and distributors may use alternative definitions than those presented here.


A skateboard's “width” measurement is the straight distance from one side of your board to the other side of your board, at its widest point. (This does not take into account the amount or style of concave - or any bends - in the deck.)


Deck width and “track width” (the distance between the outer edges of the wheels). Boards typically perform best when you use a combination of trucks and wheels that produce a track width within 1/4" of the deck width.


Typical widths:

Street decks: 7.75" - 8.6"

Transition decks: 8.5" - 11"

Longboards: 9" - 11"

Surf Skates: 9" - 11"

Cruisers: 6.5" - 11"

Freestyle: 7" - 7.75"

Recommended ranges for goals:

Maneuverability (flip tricks, pivoting, quick movements): 7" - 8.5"

Stability: 8" - 11"

Dancing: 9" - 12"

Pop: 7" - 9"

Stability in rail stand: 7" - 8"

Speed: 9" - 11"

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