How to Find a Local Skateboard Maker


Want to find a local skateboard or longboard maker in your community? Or, perhaps you're looking for a niche builder, someone that's building or can build you the exact board you're looking for?

Check out the "Maker Map" in SK8CAD!

SK8CAD is our skateboard 3D modeling tool that allows you to design, visualize, and download files of skateboards and molds. The "Maker Map" a database of board builders around the world. You can click on a map marker to get the link to the builder's website and contact info.



SK8CAD is free to sign up and use. We offer paid plans for "Pros" and "Suppliers" seeking to stand out as resources for makers and skaters.

Benefits of using the Maker Map include:

  • Supporting small businesses that are doing their own thing, innovating, and care about their customers.
  • Reducing environmental impact by using local makers and minimizing transportation costs.
  • Connecting with makers to get inspired, learn about board production, and improve your understanding of board performance.
  • Finding suppliers that can help get you set up with the materials and tools to build boards.

 Check out the Maker Map, and list yourself if you are a maker!

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